Our Mission:


We are here to empower young people in low-resource communities to achieve exponential success through entrepreneurship. We call them The Exponentialists


Our Mission

With nearly half the world’s population living on less than $2.50 per day, there are millions of young people who have the entrepreneurial spirit and the raw talent to do great things, but their economic hardships prevent them from the education and opportunities to ever realize that talent.

That’s why we exist...to find, educate, and empower these young people so they can transform their lives and the communities around them.

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Our Impact

By the time every one of our students graduates, he or she will be an ACTUAL entrepreneur. In each of our classroom programs, our students actually create small teams to identify a product, analyze the opportunity, produce it, and sell it before the end of the semester. And the best part...they actually get a check for a portion of the profits generated by their creation.

Our students don’t just open a textbook. They see the FULL entrepreneurial cycle in action, from creation to monetization. Further, our programs emphasize that students helping themselves (i.e. starting their own business) will actually help their communities that are also in need (i.e. creating jobs, valuable new services, etc). This is what entrepreneurship is all about.



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Our Programs

We strive to create Exponentialists in these ways:



RISE is a 10-12 week after school program that teaches students about entrepreneurship. Over the course of the program, our participants receive one-on-one mentorship, gain financial and technical skills, and develop a business model to transform their passions into viable business ventures



On THE EXPONENTIALISTS podcast, real-life entrepreneurs share their experience and advice on entrepreneurship to inspire a global community of like-minded Exponentialists. .


LAUNCH incubator is where students bring their business ideas to life. With one-on-one mentorship from entrepreneurs, customized curriculum, and hands-on learning opportunities, LAUNCH provides the support students need to build and expand their business and personal brand.



With RISE COLOMBIA, The Exponentialists is planning on expanding internationally with a RISE Entrepreneurship Program in Colombia.


Get Involved

The Exponentialists is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit led by a team of students from The University of Texas at Austin. If you are interested in helping us further our mission, you can support us by applying to be on the team, volunteering as a mentor, or making a donation.


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